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Dynamic and customized video productions


Ever since my dad bought my brother and I a video camera for xmas, I’ve been making videos and films and I haven’t looked back. After an endless array of home made videos that saw us paying homage to our favourite movies, it was pretty clear that I had film making in my blood. It was made super evident when I fired my brother from our remake of The Terminator due to a “lack of dedication to the picture.” We were 15. (he was later re-hired)

Since then I’ve worn many hats within the world of film and video (even some poor attempts at acting) and the one that I would constantly gravitate towards was cinematography. There was just something about shot composition and lighting that I connected with. That being said, I have worked at developing my skills in many areas so whether it’s as a cinematographer, editor, photographer or musician, I just love to create.

Captura Video specializes in creating dynamic and customized video productions which can range from weddings to fashion shows to music videos to human interest pieces and everything in between. I have had the privilege of working with many amazingly talented people throughout the years, some of whom I am proud to call my friends and are in fact part of Captura Video and are instrumental when creating many of these productions.

In short, I belong on set, in a studio, or behind a lens doing whatever has to be done in order to get that perfect shot.

Stay creative


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I know how important your wedding day is and what it means to not only you but also your family and friends. So I want to ensure that your perfect day is perfectly captured. When you hire Captura Video, you are hiring me... Chris. I am the one who will be filming your wedding. Not one of my employees, not some film student, not some last minute fill in... Just me. I also edit everything as well. So at the end of the day, I'm the one you're dealing with from start to finish.

What makes Captura Video different? My background is filmmaking and I love working in documentaries. So while I shoot with a combination of styles and am extremely adaptable, my cinematography is rooted in photojournalism. My goal is to be as invisible as possible which allows me to capture those real moments… the ones that aren’t staged. I don’t show up with tons of gear or a small army for a crew.  In fact 95% of what I shoot during the day is handheld (so there's no crazy equipment distracting everyone and I can just fade into the background). Yet the shots are all ultra cinematic. Just take a look at any of the trailers. Bottom line is that I just hang out with you all day filming these awesome moments. And then I put them together to create a video that you will absolutely love. I promise. 

See the packages below:

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-Trailer: An awesome highlight video of the entire day that is put to any song you choose. It runs about 3-5 mins and has everything from the prep to the party, from big moments to small details. It’s great for sharing on social media so that friends and family can see how amazing the day was or as a private video that allows you to relive it whenever you want.

-Extended Trailer: Just like a trailer but with even more awesome footage from throughout the day including soundbytes from speeches and vows, more clips from dances and intros plus anything else that you'd like to add.

(The Trailer runs about 3-5 minutes while the Feature Edit is about 10-15 mins.) 

-Teaser: A 15-30 sec video that shows up usually the next day to tide you over until the trailer arrives


-Documentary Edit: The complete ceremony & the entire reception (which includes the intros, speeches, dances, party & everything in between).

-Add-ons:  2nd Camera Operator 



HOLLYWOOD: (Most popular) .  

-12 hrs.



-Extended Trailer

-Documentary edit

-Digital files​

-Drone if feasible

Price= $3800.00



-10 hrs.



-Documentary edit

-Digital files

-Drone if feasible

Price= $2900.00

What's the difference? It's simple! Both packages come with a Teaser, Trailer and a Documentary Edit. That means you're totally covered either way. The Hollywood includes an Extended Trailer for those that want to have more highlight footage.

Drone: If time, weather, and location allow, I love to get some great drone shots during the day.

Custom: I can put together a custom package for you depending on what you're looking for!

So drop me a line and we can talk some shop about your big day!


The sky is the limit in terms of producing unique videos and we have packages to suit any style whether its a groundbreaking artistic piece or a creative corporate video, we will work with you from the initial conception through to the finished product. We thrive off of creativity and take great pride in producing high quality unique work. We will ensure that your video is expertly captured and created. Call or write us to talk some shop about your upcoming project.
Check out all our VIDEOS


Engagement Sessions
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Even though our name says video, we specialize in all kinds of things like Cinematography, Editing, Producing, Green Screen Shooting, Photography, and the list goes on. We shoot Corporate Videos, Real Estate Videos, Films, Personal Pieces, Music Videos, Documentaries. Pretty much anything under the sun.  And if for some reason we’re not able to offer you exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll try to help put you in contact with someone who has the service or skillset you need. 


Video Productions / Weddings / Camera & Editing / Real Estate Videos / Green Screen Video /  Documentaries / Music Videos / Fashion Shows / Events / Films / Personal Pieces /  Photography / Engagements / Instructional Videos



 I'm a firm believer in paying it forward and driving positive change. This has led to two things: The first is that I am very proud to have donated video productions for great organizations like Big Brothers of Canada, Mira Canada, Benjamin Joseph Pelletier Foundation, The Pointe Claire Oldtimers & Youngtimers and many others. The second is that starting in 2020, I will be donating 2% of all profits to a charitable organization like the SPCA (I'm a huge animal lover). So if you have a great cause (big or small) or a charitable organization that you feel could benefit from any of my services, I encourage you to contact me!

I am always excited to be a part of something that gives back or drives positive change! 



Email us by completing the form below or just drop us a line and we’d be happy to discuss your project and answer any questions that you might have. Although we're located in Montreal, our productions take us across Canada and around the globe.

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